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The theme of publication is LGBT+.

Pois Portal de Notícias LGBT+, is a LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and other community) news portal, a modern graphic project organized by different subjects, bold and easy to navigate, with photos and themes grouped together for a nice and convenient access and reading.

All the content of the website is available for reading in both Portuguese and English language. Its one of our main goals to create a multi-platform of content that can go from news, health and care, videogames (gayming), politics, culture, fashion, parties, photoshoots and others.

The name for the website came from the fact that the word "pois", is wildly used on the Portuguese culture, being one word that stays on the "tip of the tongue". Although having no connection or relation with the LGBT+ community, it is sought that through marketing and the natural usage of the word, promote the website.

Food is an art. I'm passionate about baking - the tradition of it, making it, and sharing it.

Nelson de Pina Farrim

Nelson de Pina Farrim


Online Store

Esta é a nossa loja online, com uma selecção de produtos, distribuídas em várias categorias para um melhor acesso. Procuramos inovar com novas escolhas e actualizações.  



Come and be part of the team!​

We are looking for more collaborators as a way to improve and help this project grow. We want to become a multi-platform, more inclusive and with more areas of interest for both the LGBT+ and hetero-friendly communities. We wish to also add more products. So, if you have ideas or suggestions we would appreciate!

Send us an email to contacto@pois.pt or fill up our form at contact us.